Meaning of dove tattoos

Meaning of dove tattoos

When the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat was four years old, he gave a talk about inner peace to induce the other people into peace. He still shares his unique message of peace to reiterate that peace is possible as long as each individual is at peace with themselves. For some people, however, they believe that tattoos can inspire them into peace.

Tattoos are images printed or painted on the body to express one's conviction or principle; but tattoos can be also in the form of texts or quotes which are carefully written on the skin. For example, the tattoo of a dear friend's name on the arm is common. Animal tattoos are also quite popular. Some may choose to have a snake tattoo, an eagle, or a dove. Tattoos have a meaning in the life of those who wear them. In this article, let us look at the meaning of dove tattoos.

General symbol of a dove tattoo

First and foremost, a dove tattoo symbolizes peace and victory over the enemy. It refers back to the biblical story when a great flood hit the earth in Noah's time. Forty days after the rain stopped, Noah was sent out a dove from the arch to see if there was any dry land for them to live.

The first dove he sent did not return to the arch; it possibly died in the flood. Then, he sent out a second dove, which came back carrying a branch of olive in its beak. Tattoos can have religious and spiritual values; they can symbolize or represent an idea or a conviction, which is strongly maintained by its bearer.

A dove with an olive branch tattoo

Based on Noah's story, a dove with a branch of olive tattoo is commonly interpreted as a new beginning or a fresh start. It is just like what happened at the time of Noah. After the flood, when they found dry land to live in, Noah's family started a new life, in a peaceful, new environment. It can also represent relief from a disaster, which has caused tragic human and material losses.

A flying dove tattoo

A flying dove tattoo may symbolize a spirit which brings forward peace and tranquility to its owner. This spirit guides the tattoo bearer into harmony and serenity throughout their life. In Christianism, a white dove represents the Holy Spirit. Carrying the tattoo of a flying dove induces a hope for blessings and guidance from the Holy Spirit. As a result, it inspires its owner with kindheartedness and humility in order to activate the spirit.

Two doves sitting next to each other Tattoo

Two-dove tattoos represent love and authenticity. They represent a couple who pledges to remain faithful to each other. In other words, a two-dove tattoo is a representation of pure love, or pure emotions. This kind of tattoo has been used for long to symbolize love. It can be said that a tattoo has a great value in the couple to carve their love to each other.

Dove with Angel Wings Tattoo

Doves have long been a symbol for purity and peace. Angels are like God's messengers. When you combine dove with Angel Wings, the message that you want to send to everyone is that you are a peace advocate or a bringer of peace.

Black turtle-dove tattoo

In the Muslim culture, the black dove represents the prophet Muhammad, who brings light to the world through his teachings about the wisdom of the world. The turtle-dove is mentioned in the book of Jeremiah 8:7 in the Bible. The black turtle-dove tattoo is also a representation of mourning after the loss of a dear, loved relatives.

In brief, it is common for some people to induce themselves into peace through a dove tattoo. However, it is also common to add a quote to the bird tattoo. The popular message of peace from Prem Rawat, which says “Peace is possible”, or examples can be added under the dove tattoo to make more impact.