Best Peace Tattoo Designs

Best Peace Tattoo Designs

Some people like Prem Rawat share and teach about world peace through charity and advocacy. Others become activists by volunteering for associations like the Prem Rawat Foundation. But others, more artistic people choose to display their fight for peace on their bodies through tattoos. And in terms of design, there are various tattoos you can do to show you fight for peace.

So if you want to pass the course of tattooing, permanent or not, here are the most famous tattoo designs that represent peace to choose from.

Discover the best Peace Tattoo Designs

The dove

In the Bible, it is written that when the great flood ended, a dove returned with an olive leaf which indicated that life was returning to earth. It is a symbol of peace and holiness. Picasso later created one that became a symbol of peace activism during the Cold War.

In terms of tattooing, getting a dove tattoo has become really famous for a few decades now. Whether it is a dove taking flight or a simple image of a dove drawn on the arm or forearm, it is a tattoo that can be worn by men and women, of any age. And almost everybody will understand its synonym: peace.

The olive branch

This symbol dates from Ancient Greece. It represents peace and the end of a conflict. It was used during engagement, to adorn the bride, but it was also awarded to the Olympic winners. Its origin dates back to the mythology, when the goddess Athens was fighting against the god Poseidon.

During their confrontation, Poseidon is said to have created a water point and Athens, an olive tree. The population would have appreciated the latter much more. The olive branch continues to have this meaning in the Abrahamic religions and in Christianity - where it is related to the dove, as we mentioned above.

The olive branch is less known in terms of tattoo designs. So if you want to have one, make sure you have the perfect design. Thus, many customize it by adding it to a tattoo or by modifying the shapes of the leaves or the branches. However, this tattoo is a timeless one if it is well done, but is above all original and unique. A very personal way to show your fight for peace would therefore be to have an olive branch tattooed on a visible part of your body.

The white feather and the white flag

Known worldwide for its symbolism, the white flag is the ultimate symbol of world peace. It symbolizes a truce in a battle and represents the neutrality of a troop which does not seek to confront another one. The soldier who is sent somewhere with a white flag is on a peace mission. Alone, the pen already carries a particularly strong symbolism: it is means clairvoyance, justice and protection.

Associated with the white color, it represents the good understanding and harmony achieved between all beings. Today with the evolution of tattooing techniques, it is possible to get colorful tattoos. Thus, the white color of your flag or your pen will be particularly highlighted.